Our favorite homemade weapon maker, Jörg Sprave, is back at it with another menacing creation that is crazier than his machete slingshot and his semi-automatic gatling slingshot. What is it? A slingshot, of course. Only this one shoots sawblades. 

Though it appears simpler than his other weapons, the sawblade slingshot is, according to Sprave, pretty complex. Turns out, it's pretty difficult to accurately shoot a sawblade from a giant slingshot. The rotational speed needs to be just right so the blade exits the slingshot at the right angle, and a dowel needs to be attached to each blade so the rubberbands can be attached. 

Sparve says that sawblades are "dangerous, dangerous things," so we really wouldn't recommend you attempting to build one of these at home. To see how vicious the sawblade slingshot is, peep the video above. 

[The Awesomer via DVICE]