Remember Pop Up Video? Of course you do! (Especially if you went to college in the late '90s and watched episodes of the VH1 video show while hungover.) (What?) Well, it turns out VH1 is hoping to capitalize on that nostalgia, as they've reunited with co-creator Woody Thompson to produce brand new episodes of Magnitude's favorite show. Pop! Pop!

Yet while you might think this is just another ploy from the network famous for I Love the '90s-level reminiscing, Thompson says Pop Up Video is more timely now than ever before. “I have sat on the sidelines for the last decade and watched as everyone and the brother has ripped off Pop Up in some way or another with the internet coming out of nowhere and Twitter being hauntingly familiar and all of these devices that are using snarky, pithy text,” he said.

That's right: Pop Up Video was Twitter before Twitter.

Anyway, get excited. VH1 has ordered 60 episodes and plans to start airing them in the fall.

[Via THR]

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