After months of hype and a Glee episode to fuel it, Lady Gaga's second album, Born This Way, finally hit stores today. If you've been waiting for your copy to finishing downloading off Amazon since yesterday morning, that's because every little monster and their mothers have also hopped onto the site to snag their copy of the record that will no doubt own radio all summer long. 

Tracing her career path from 2005, when she was just an NYU musician unknown anywhere beyond the Lower East Side club scene, up to her being named the godmother of Elton John's first child, the girl born Stefani Germanotta's remarkable transformation into Lady Gaga is entirely laid out. With changes in her hair color, physique, and wardrobe, Gaga's fame increases as she continues to reinvent herself. Maybe that's why Forbes just named her as the industry's "Most Powerful Celebrity"; the face of pop culture changes with the many faces of the Mother Monster.

We, on the other hand, can't help but think back upon Gaga's "Poker Face"-era thickness and the other attributes that first grabbed our attention and have since morphed. While you're listening to Born This Way on repeat, see for yourselves as we take a look at The Physical Evolution Of Lady Gaga.