Would you pay to see a romantic comedy starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams? We sure as hell would, considering that we’re all for both performers, and Segel already proved himself to be a rom-com champ with Forgetting Sarah Marshall. As for Adams, on top of being one of the best actresses in the game, she’s not so bad on the eyes (we have standards here, damn it!).

So, as the “trailer” for Green With Envy begins, we’re definitely on board. But then the truth comes out: It’s just a clever faux preview, and the real movie in question is Segel’s long-discussed passion project The Muppets. Can we get a wocka wocka (no flame)?

This first teaser for the reboot of the late, and great, Jim Henson’s classic puppet show doesn’t cover any of the film’s plot (about a telethon meant to earn money to save the Muppets theater from a villainous oil tycoon) or feature any of its many celebrity cameos (said to include Jean Claude Van Damme, Danny Trejo, Billy Crystal, and Ricky Gervais). Instead, the spot focuses on reassuring us that The Muppets has the property’s old fun-loving spirit, as well as its primetime players Kermit The Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzy Bear, and Grover. For now, that’s just fine by us.

The Muppets, directed by James Bobin (known for helming several Flight Of The Conchords episodes) opens on November 23rd.