The first trailer for The Ledge, a new independent drama starring Sons Of Anarchy's starts off with Charlie Hunnam, opens in pretty intriguing fashion. Hunnam's character stands at the top of a building in proper about-to-leap-to-his-death posture, while a cop (Terrence Howard) attempts to stop him. Then there's a flashback to Hunnam's love affair with Liv Tyler, who's the wife of Patrick Wilson, and how the infidelity triggers the inner Christian soul of Wilson to go berserk. Towards the midpoint, it's clear that Wilson has Tyler hostage, and Hunnam was ordered to jump off the building, or else Tyler gets the slug to her dome. 

What draws us into The Ledge is certainly the storyline. Because, from one of the very first lines thrown by Hunnam ("Are you a cop?"), we're immediately turned off by his mediocre acting. Aside from that, we're aware of the acting chops possessed by the remaining actors. So we won't get too hater-ish on the poorly edited trailer. As previously mentioned, our focus is on the plot. And we'll save any real disses until we actually see the movie.

The Ledge hits theaters in limited release on June 29, and starts playing On Demand on May 25.