Members of the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences received a letter on May 19 announcing that AMPAS will soon replace its paper ballots with online voting. Did the Academy just take its first step towards a shorter Oscar season? We certainly hope so.

For a few years now, the Academy has toyed around with the idea of moving the Oscars ceremony from February to January (or to the beginning of February, for that matter), and this big change in routine, which will shorten the voting process as a whole, is certainly one way to help accomplish that goal. According to the letter, which was first reported by The New York Times, reads in part: "The change may be implemented as early as this year, and will certainly be in effect by next year. At some point, once the system is up and working, mailed ballots will be eliminated."

Getting rid of the time-consuming, paper-ballot vote counting approach could allow the Academy to finally go digital.

[Via HitFlix]

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