Fitness videos: Fabulously Fit Moms: Super Energized Workout (2007), Fabulously Fit Moms: Total Body Workout (2007), Fabulously Fit Moms: New Mom Workout (2007)

MILFS! As long as the Internet has a pulse we’ll never stop declaring our everlasting love for the MILF. And what could be better than someone like Jennifer Nicole Lee, a woman who has built a career off of keeping hot moms in shape?

Lee has a pretty unique story: Her career started when she dropped her weight from 200 pounds to 130, after bearing two children. Her videos are aimed at all the mothers out there who are trying to shake off that excess fat. You know what that means? Older dudes: Try to sneak one of Lee’s tapes in your wife’s stocking stuffer next time Xmas rolls by, OK?

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