Fitness videos: Workout: Starring Jane Fonda (1982), Jane Fonda's Step Aerobic and Abdominal Workout (1992) Jane Fonda's Start Up (1993)

Jane Fonda is a workout video icon. Without her, for better or worse, we don’t have 30 plus years of sweaty, hot women gyrating on the floor. Still, we realize she might be an acquired taste for some of the young whippersnappers out there. This video is very old school, so those who are used to modern day hotness might not have the same appreciation we have.

It’s sort of like porn from the '80s: Yeah, videos of frizzy hair, 40-lb. sag-bag titties, and Congo-like bushes might be hard to stomach present day, but we should respect it, because without all that we wouldn’t have the awesome smut we have today.