In the minds of prepubescent boys growing up in mid '80s, Kerri Green had the sexy actress game in a chokehold. With her long red hair, glowing smile, and tendency to play cheerleaders with hearts of gold, the one-time teen idol was the rare desirable celeb who seemed somewhat within the dating grasps of everyday guys. Which obviously wasn’t the case.

She first achieved dreamgirl infamy in 1985’s The Goonies, playing the popular cheerleader who’s confident enough to hunt for pirate’s treasure with the nerdy kids in town. A year later, Green once again donned the pom-poms and skirt in Lucas, in which the redhead chases after a jock played by none other Mr. Adonis DNA himself, Charlie Sheen.

We’ve chosen Lucas merely as a challenge to ourselves, to not make one joke about “winning.” Damn, does that count?