On The CW tonight, at 9pm EST, remaining contestants Brittani and Molly will catwalk it out in hopes of becoming the 16th aspiring runway-walker to ever be called America's Next Top Model by Tyra Banks and her panel of judges. But we all know it doesn't really matter who wins. The show is really all about exposure and, gauging from the 16 seasons that have passed since the first cycle aired in 2003, a lot of gorgeous girls have been exposed. Professionally, that is.

Thanks to the hit reality competition, we've been introduced to future actresses, 15-minute-famers, and unsolicited divas who've made for exciting television. So, in the spirit of the series devoted to judging beautiful women who aspire to be paid for being, well, beautiful, we've scoured the past line-ups to rank the 25 Hottest America's Next Top Model Contestants. Tyra would be proud.