It's a pretty good week to be a fan of superheroes, with The Green Hornet hitting DVD shelves today and the long-awaited Thor opening in theaters this Friday. That gives us not one, but two women to supercharge our week: Cameron Diaz (from The Green Hornet) and Natalie Portman (Thor).

Of course, we can always count on superhero movies to get the most attractive women in Hollywood onto IMAX screens. Never does any actress clamor to play a clichéd damsel in distress more than for a guaranteed blockbuster franchise. Not only are they secured financial success, but there's also the relatively stable future in sequels.

So who cares if they don't have superpowers and are paid to simply look pretty? We sure don't mind, and the following women obviously don't, either. If they did, we wouldn't have the 15 Hottest Superhero Love Interests. And that'd be a crime no masked avenger could rectify.

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