4. S.W.A.T. (2003)

By the end of the police thriller S.W.A.T., three truths are revealed: Director Clark Johnson can’t film coherent action scenes, Samuel L. Jackson really will take any paycheck, and Colin Farrell is no action movie hero. In a role that should’ve went to co-star Jeremy Renner, had Hollywood known then that he’d become the Oscar-nominated stud he is today, Farrell’s lack of charisma causes him to evaporate off the viewer’s radar.

Instead, S.W.A.T. watchers are stuck with an incredibly lame villain (unintimidating French actor Olivier Martinez) and a final act full of unintelligible shootouts. Bullet-ridden bodies hit the floor at a brisk pace, yet it’s a task to discern who’s been shot and who did the shooting. Not that we even care.