10. MIAMI VICE (2006)

Initially, the prospect of Michael Mann (Heat, Collateral) directing a modern-day spin on Miami Vice, the classic '80s cop show that he himself produced, sounded like a great idea. But then came the realization that Mann’s films are deathly serious and violently dark—two things that the old Don Johnson/Philip Michael Thomas Vice definitely wasn’t. And, even more detrimental, the pairing of Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx as detectives Crockett and Tubbs, respectively. A once-nifty idea quickly turned sour.

Cluttered with gun-fights and outbursts of violence, Miami Vice is so action-oriented—much like all of Mann’s films—that there’s hardly any space for the characters to develop multifaceted personalities, or even chemistry.

Based on the scenes in which Farrell and Foxx do actually get to play off one another, however, we’re inclined to think that Mann strategically loaded the flick with action as a distraction. When seen alongside one another, the actors have an odd rigidity between them, as if each scene is their first one together. Or they’re just as disappointed at how far removed Miami Vice is from the lighthearted and fun TV show as we are.