“Sickest” doesn’t always have to mean “the nastiest,” or “the craziest.” In the case of Vampyros Lesbos, the term is meant more in the “those girls have amazing racks” sense.

Directed by schlock veteran Jesus Franco, this erotic, soft-core horror flick is literally about lesbian vampires, though not just any old same-sex-loving bloodsuckers—we’re talking about some of the hottest Spanish chicks your eyes will ever see. And they’re all about sex, fondling each other’s boobies, and bathing naked in the red stuff.

When they’re not sunbathing naked, Franco’s game actresses shed their clothing in front of all-black backgrounds that look like some creepy guy’s basement walls covered in licorice-colored drapes. There’s a sordid charm to Vampyros Lesbos; it’s pretty much an ambitious porno flick disguised as promiscuous exploitation. But Franco’s cult favorite is a must-see nonetheless.

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