7. KINGPIN (1996)

As reprehensible bowling champion Ernie McCracken, Murray sleazes his way through Kingpin, the Farrelly Brothers’ most neglected comedy, with extreme sliminess. In the funnyman’s movie canon, McCracken just might be the lowest in terms moral codes and good behavior, which, of course, means it’s also one of Murray’s funniest turns.

McCracken’s mission in life, other than to roll strikes, is to make washed-up bowler Roy Munson’s (Woody Harrelson) life miserable, started by a double-cross that left Munson’s hand mangled in a bowling-ball return device. Kingpin is entirely mean-spirited, though also tastelessly amusing, and no one in the cast was as aware of that as Murray, who has a ball with a true bastard of a character.