Folks who watch movies to see shit they’ll never see up close and personal in real life (i.e., aliens, monsters, death-defying stunts, or Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis tonguing each other down) will probably hate Coffee And Cigarettes. Written and directed by eccentric independent filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, it’s literally all dialogue, consisting of 11 shorts in which random pairings of characters talk while sipping on cups-of-Joe and puffing zig-zags.

If you’re willing to sit back and engage yourself in the quirkiness, Coffee And Cigarettes is often funny and always strangely fascinating. Amongst the talent involved are Cate Blanchett, Steve Coogan, and The White Stripes members Jack and Meg White, yet our favorite segment features none other than, you guessed it, Bill Murray, who’s joined by Wu-Tang’s own RZA and GZA—seriously.

Murray’s a waiter serving the Wu cousins caffeine-free herbal tea, which leads to a conversation about how BM can overcome a smoke-related cough. It’s arguably one of film’s most random pairings, and it works. The reason: Bill Murray ain’t nothing to fuck with, obviously.