Film cameos have slowly become the bane of the movie world. Oftentimes they are harmless little winks at the audience designed to give the crowd that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. But more often than not, these bit parts are nothing more than huge distractions that serve as a massive speed bump in the middle of a flick.

Whether they're painfully corny, horrifically acted or just plain bizarre, the classic film cameo has gone from a treat that only eagle-eyed fans could pick up on, to a blatantly obvious competition between filmmakers to see who could make an audience groan more.

Worst of all, movie studios don't even try to keep these things a surprise anymore. Cameos are often shown in the trailers and posters for a movie in order to create some unwarranted buzz and fool audiences into thinking that a celebrity's role is much larger than it actually is. And with Mike Tyson making another highly publicized, yet completely pointless, cameo in the déjà vu laden The Hangover Part II, we’re here to count down The 10 Lamest Celebrity Cameos in Movies.

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