Small, balding and neurotic—these are the best ways to describe one of the most influential filmmakers of all time, Woody Allen. With his self-deprecation and ponderous outlook on life, Allen has built a reputation as one of the most comedic and philosophical men in showbiz. His films are often filled with questions about the nature of sex, religion, and morality, but they’re also known for something else: beautiful women.

What helps Allen's movies, which often deal with the personal and social dilemmas that go into relationships, feel more believable is the fact that the filmmaker has the uncanny ability to turn any pretty face into a fully realized character. Often shying away from the typical buxom blonde bombshell, Allen’s eye for beauty and talent has led to some of the most memorable female characters to ever grace the screen.

And with this week's release of his latest film, Midnight In Paris, which stars the gorgeous Amy Adams, we pay tribute to his masterful filmmaking and casting with a countdown of The 10 Hottest Women In Woody Allen’s Films.