Tech N9ne says: Number nine has to be someone good. It's the number of completion. It's somebody I know, too. It's somebody who said that if they won the award [at the 2009 Left Field Woodie Award], they would give it to me. I thought she was the fuckin' most beautiful, cutest little thing: Janelle Monae. She gave me a big hug at the MTV Awards and she said, "Tech, you remember me?!" and I was like "Yeah!"

She was young. It was a long time ago and I forgot that it was her. We were nominated for the same award and she said, "Tech, I love what you do and if I win, I'm gonna give it to you." But I won and shit, so I should've gave it to her. I never won anything so I kept it. I think she's so beautiful. She has her own hairstyle. She can dance, she can move, she has a wonderful voice—she's multitalented. And, I don't know what they do to her skin, but her skin is fuckin' impeccable. It's perfect. She looks like a cartoon character, in a good way.