Tech N9ne says: The King model, Bernice Burgos, she's amazingly beautiful. I can't even tell what nationality she is. She's darker than me but she looks like it's something else. Her body is fuckin' impeccable. Her teeth look like they're fake they're so straight.

I saw her at Sirius Satellite Radio like three times while I was in New York doing something for XXL. She happened to be on the same panel. I didn't even notice while she was sitting right next to me. I noticed she was beautiful, but when we were leaving they was like, "Did you see her ass?" And I was like "No!" I didn't look at her like that. Then I saw her by the back and I was like, "Whoa!" It was like, all the way the other way. I didn't even know the little girl was sittin' on that. It was crazy.

I told [the people at] King to ask her to go to dinner before I left but I got so busy I couldn't do it. I was just being nice.