Tech N9ne is known as many things: co-founder of the hugely successful independent hip-hop label Strange Music, one of the best live performers in the game, a quick-tongued lyricist who pours his heart in his music, and an icon to some of the most fanatical supporters this side of the Grateful Dead. But there's one thing about the man born Aaron Dontez Yates that isn't always recognized, and that's Kansas City, Missouri, native's outspoken appreciation of the opposite gender.

The proof is right there in his apparent in Tech's 2009 power ballad to one of his favorite parts of the female anatomy, "Areola." The song's first bar alone is capable of getting a chick to swoon and hop on her man's shoulders to show Tech her own nips at live shows; we've seen it firsthand, and it's glorious. Seeing how dedicated the Strange Music capo is to women, we decided turn the attention away from music for a moment and ask the veteran MC—whose sixth solo album, All 6's and 7's, hits stores on June 7—to elaborate on the ten famous ladies he loves the most.