As we see it, there are still a few hurdles left for tablets to clear before they replace traditional computers as consumer's main machine. One of the paramount problems being the ability to use more than one application at the same time. Well, now there may be an app for that: Taposé. 

Created by two Boeing engineers, Benjamin and Ricky, Taposé gives iPad users true multi-app functionality. Sure, being able to have two apps running as you switch between them is useful, but what if you need to access to apps simultaneously? That's where Taposé comes in. 

Using its split interface design, users will be able to do things like take an address from a text message and throw it in Maps to get directions to give to a friend. There's also a feature that lets you take notes and free-hand doodle while working in another app. 

Taposé started life as a Kickstarter project, but has since exceeded its pledged goal of $10,000 (it's currently at $14,619). Benjamin and Ricky say the extra dough will go to bringing the app to other platforms. 

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