Having caught wind of the accolades Take Shelter has garnered since its Sundance and Cannes festival screenings, we've been eagerly anticipating our first real look at independent filmmaker Jeff Nichols' psychological drama. The positive reviews aside, Take Shelter seems like the perfect vehicle for Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire), who owns Hollywood's man-on-the-edge-of-sanity market; it's about a mentally disturbed man who suffers from apocalyptic premonitions. And now that we've seen the first official  trailer (nicely edited by Sony Pictures after the company acquired this festival darling), we're even more excited.

The preview fleshes out the plot quite a bit. Shannon plays a family man who works as a crew chief for a mining company. But as Shannon starts to see ominous clouds and lightning bolts, he confuses paranoia with reality, which prompts him to start building a tornado shelter in his backyard. Take Shelter certainly looks like an uneasy film to digest. And that's exactly how we like to take upon a title of this style. With this quick glimpse alone, we're able to sense the accumulating anxiety and conflict that's guaranteed to pop off like a wild storm.  

Take Shelter hits theaters on October 7. You've been warned.