It's Chrome day today at Google I/O, and the company has made just made a big, long-awaited announcement: the arrival of the Chromebook. Starting next month, you'll finally be able to oder laptops running Google's much talked-about web-based Chrome OS.

Samsung and Acer are producing the first line of netbooks, with each offering a single model with both Wifi and 3G options. The laptops will feature dual core Intel Atom processors and the 3G models come with 100 MB of free data usage care of Verizon. Chromebooks are said to boot in as little as 8 seconds after an initial 3 minute setup when you first unbox them.

Samsung is delivering a super slim 12.1 inch model called the Series 5 with a 16 gb sold-state drive and 8.5 hour battery life. The Series 5 comes in both black and white editions and will cost $429 for wifi-only and $499 for the 3G model.

Acer's offering, apparently simply titled "Chromebook," is the more affordable option with a starting price of only $349 for the wifi model. The Chromebook's got an 11.6 inch screen, 6.5 hour battery life and the same processor and solid-state drive as the Series 5 (Google is holding manufacturers to certain standards). 

Both models will be available for pre-order from Amazon and Best Buy starting June 15.

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