The most interesting thing about this extravagant monument honoring the first king of (unified) Italy is not the view from it, but the view of it. If you ever find yourself lost in Rome, which, let’s be honest, happens frequently, and if you just look up past the bars and apartments in your immediate vicinity you'll glimpse this massive white marble building, “Il Vittoriano,” with two black statues of the goddess Victoria riding quadrighe, resting regally above it. Then you'll figure out where you’re going.

Many Romans actually consider the “wedding cake”—one of its many nicknames—to be a blemish on the Roman landscape because the white marble is just too white. But the view from the top is hardly an eyesore. A short ride in an all-glass elevator, aptly named “Rome from the Sky,” takes you to the Quadrighe Terrace for an unmatched view of the Roman Forum ruins. This elevator is a relatively new feature, so Romans haven’t cooked up a reason to hate it as much as they hate the building itself. Yet.

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