So it’s not exactly a view of la città but it is a must-see. The roaring crowd, the massive red and gold flags, the lights—sporting events in the U.S. pale in comparison. You think the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry is intense? You ain’t seen nothing ‘til you’ve seen the rivalry between Roma fans and every other soccer team on the planet. Seriously, they don’t even allow women and children to attend certain games.

Soccer, calcio, is part of the Roman religion; it runs through their veins—you’re not supposed to get up or speak loudly while the game is going on. (If you do, it’s a dead giveaway that you're an American and a tourist, a dangerous combination.) Tickets may be purchased at any official Roma store (like the one in Piazza Colonna, not too far from the Spanish Steps) and you may purchase jerseys at any souvenir shop. You actually need your passport to purchase a ticket, the irony being that they may refuse you a ticket because you’re not Italian. If this occurs simply say as earnestly as possible, “Non sono un’italiano veramente ma devo guardare una partita una volta nella mia vita, per favore. FORZA ROMA!” If that still doesn't work, give up and go to another Roma store.

To get to the Stadio Olimpico, you must take a tram, bus, or taxi. Before entering the stadium, you must take shots of borghetti (4 for 5 euro!). And after entering the stadium, you must scream always, “FORZA ROMA!” You’ll fit right in.