You could dedicate an entire week to the St. Peter’s area alone. The piazza, the Vatican museums, and the basilica must be seen from top to bottom, literally. The Grottoes, or the pope tombs beneath San Pietro, are super creepy and awesome, and the top of the cupola is almost unbelievable.

You can get to the top the lazy way, an elevator and some steps, for 7 euro, or you can take the extremely old and semi-dangerous 320 steps all the way up for one less euro. Taking this route allows you to see the intricate artwork inside the cupola, but the closer you get to the top the narrower and looser the steps get so there is some, well, dexterity required. Once you get up there, though, it's all worth it.

From the top of the cupola of Basilica San Pietro, the “city of a million moonlit faces,” as Dean Martin puts it so eloquently in “Arrivederci Roma,” stretches out before you for miles and miles, and you could stay up there for hours and hours. Minus the sounds of faint clicking and snapping of photos by visitors from all over the world, it is truly peaceful up there.

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