Rejoice, fighting game fanatics! This is definitely your day. Capcom is hard at work on pitting two of gaming's most recognizable hand-throwers for Street Fighter X Tekken. It's been a painfully long wait when it comes to an offical announcement on when this joint is coming out—we can only deal with "TBA 2012" for so long before we start growing impatient. Well, it looks like we may have found the answer we were looking for.

In a financial report recently released by Capcom, the company stated that SFXT is set to be released before the end of the 2011 fiscal year. In simpler terms, it means that the game is set to hit stores before March 31, 2012. Capcom also let it be known that they plan to "increase the number of home video games with DLC" and "provide more downloadable content for all major titles for video gme consoles." Our prediction? Thong man Urien and boxing kangaroo Roger Jr. for launch day DLC! Expect this title to finally land in your living room next spring. [via EventHubs]

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