Apple TV is awesome for a few reasons, the paramount one being the ability to stream video to it from any iOS or Mac OS device via Apple's AirPlay protocol. Unfortunately, you can't use it unless you're #teamApple. Until now. If you're rocking with an Android device, you can experience the same easy-to-use goodness of AirPlay thanks to an upgraded version of the doubleTwist app. 

The new version of doubleTwist, an app that makes it easy for Android users to manage their content, allows users to stream video to Apple TV using Windows Media Player 12. Users simply have to open the app, press "Twist To", pick their Apple TV, and stream away. We'd hurry up as there's no telling if Apple will hit 'em with a cease-and-desist.

The doubleTwist app is available now from the Android Market for free, but the upgrade to the new version with "Twist To" will cost $5. 

[via UberGizmo]


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