Into cars? How about transparently crass marketing that tries to capitalize on associations with anilingus? Then you'll love the THQ/Saints Row: The Third "Win A Rim Job" sweepstakes, happening now on the game's official site. In two weeks, a winner will be drawn at random, and then be invited to E3 to oversee the remodeling of their own BRAND NEW CAR.

See, "Rim Job" is the zomg hilarious name of the in-game car customization/chop shop in Saint's Row: The Third. According to THQ, "Whether it’s implementing extra horsepower for a race or applying massive body modifications to avoid detection from the police, players will drive away satisfied." And the juvenile wordplay won't hurt either! SR:TT—is that how we're gonna do this?—comes out this holiday season for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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