At Complex, we're totally interested in the variety of ways a person can catch an ass kicking. For instance, just recently we proved that going to IHOP provides the customer with a one in five chance of an ass kicking. New York Magazine, another organization interested in ways to get beat up, posted footage of a pair of women being assaulted by a cabbie, Paul Efobi, after he refused to take them to Bed-Stuy. The women informed him that he couldn't refuse ("You, you have to take us to Brooklyn!"). So things got real.

This attack comes in the wake of a wave of recent reportage dealing with cabbies refusing to take people outside of Manhattan. Legally, cabbie's cannot refuse to drive you somewhere (he really did have to take them to Brooklyn). But listen: cabbies like Paul Efobi don't give a fuck. You want to go to Brooklyn because they have the best flea market and all the cabby wants is to pull you screaming from the back of the vehicle, telling you "how sorry" he's going to make you.

The Complex Bold Prediction: A cabbie will kill me next time I try and score a cab from Williamsburg back to Bed-Stuy. Intra-Brooklyn fares—the best new way to get deaded.

[via NYMag]

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