It's official: Wonder Woman is dead. NBC decided against picking up the pilot for series, meaning the only proof you'll ever have that Adrianne Palicki actually played Wonder Woman will be those set pictures of her costume that shot around the Internet like a bat out of hell.

The good news? NBC has picked up three other promising dramas, one which might provide enough scantily clad females to make up for the loss of Palicki. The Playboy Club, about the "working-class" Playboy Bunnies from the swinging '60s club, will make it to series. Starring Amber Heard, the show is being positioned as sort of a Mad Men on network, but with the scandalous possibility of featuring almost nudity. (Hey, it is network.)

Also added to the schedule: Awake, from Lone Star creator Kyle Killen. The Inception-like show stars Jason Isaacs as a police detective stuck between worlds. There's also Grimm, an updated take on The Brothers Grimm fairy tales. Here's guessing that one gets canceled first. Fingers crossed for Awake and The Playboy Club though.

[via THR]

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