Ever since word got out about select PSP titles getting remastered and released on the PS3, heads have been nominating their favorite classics for the treatment. And now, French website JVN has posted up a few tidbits of info on the one PSP game we put at the top of our "remastered and remixed" list—Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. The rumored PS3 version is slated to sport a new coat of HD paint and make use of that oh-so comfortable Dualshock 3 and its analog sticks. Thumbs rejoice! No word yet on whether the game will feature stereoscopic 3D or SIXAXIS (they still use that?) support. If you haven't had the chance to take this game for a spin, then get ready to snoop around in cardboard boxes. For now, though, just keep your eyes and ears peeled for more details at E3. [via Playstation University]

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