Here's a banal statement: Angel Deradoorian has the voice of an angel. You want to know another word that could've taken the place of banal? True. Bassist and vocalist for the Dirty Projectors (whose Bitte Orca made Complex's list of the best albums of '09), Deradoorian possesses the pipes of an R&B singer. Listen to "Carry the Deed"; Lauryn Hill could've released this song as a b-side to "Ex-Factor" (of course, Hill would've got Carlos Santana to do guitar things during the outro—why did Santana seem like a good idea to so many people back then?)

We've kept "Supreme Absolute (Japanese Version),"  the song she recorded for the Pray for Japan (with Music) Vol. 2 compilation, in frequent rotation 'round here.  Mostly piano and breathless vocals, the song is delicate, like bird bones. It's also quite beautiful. Buy it from iTunes and support relief efforts in Japan.

Deradoorian gives a solo performance this coming Tuesday at Union Pool. Hiro Kone opens.

Tuesday, May 10
9 p.m.
Union Pool
484 Union Avenue A, New York
Tickets $12

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