This scenario happens all the time. You go into your kitchen, take out a bowl, a spoon, and your favorite cereal only to find out, once you dip into your fridge, that your milk expired a week ago. LG's new smart fridge aims to ensure that never happens again. 

The smart fridge works like any other fridge—you toss your food in and let it chill. The intelligence comes from the Internet-connected "smart manager" that allows you keep track of what's in your fridge. Through the manager, you can keep an inventory of what foods you have in storage and when they will expire. Say, for example, you buy a carton of milk. You would enter in the size of the milk, along with the expiration date, and when that date nears, the fridge will send you a text message to your phone letting you know that you need to cop another carton. 

It can also suggest recipes to you based on what you have in the fridge. The idea is to keep customers informed about what exactly is in their fridge so they don't buy unnecessary food. The fridge is expected to hit stores later this year for retail price around $3,000. Smart ain't cheap. 

[via Reuters]