The 2008 presidential election is but a memory, which is a shame because it means that certain campaign characters are memories as well. (Though not Sarah Palin, fortunately/unfortunately.) One such character is Joe the Plumber, the down-home fella who was neither a plumber nor named Joe, but who was a focal point of the John McCain campaign for a few weeks. Around that time, there were even rumors that "Joe" stepped out with the married Kristen Wiig of Saturday Night Live. Rumors that three years later, Wiig has shot down.

"So random!," Wiig said to Newsweek about the rumor. "He wasn’t even at that [SNL] show. There are people out there that think I went home with Joe the Plumber after an after-party—an after-party that [John and Cindy McCain] were at, supposedly."

Random indeed. As is this years-later rebuttal. Case (finally) closed.

[via SplitSider]

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