It looks like super-producer Judd Apatow's proteges are hoping to be taken more serious. Later this year, Seth Rogen will co-star in the dramedy 50/50, while Jonah Hill and Jason Segel are nurturing their own projects (21 Jump Street and The Muppets, respectively) from the ground up. And now, Jay Baruchel has big plans of his own. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he's going to write a pair of screenplays that totally go against everything he's done before. Much respect.

The co-star of last year's The Sorcerer's Apprentice (though we're guessing he'd rather not be called that) will write the big-screen adaptation of Kickstart Comics' Random Acts of Violence, and he's also in negotiations to rewrite a project called Exorcism Diaries for Summit Entertainment.

Although Baruchel is best known for playing the goof instead of the goon, neither Random Acts Of Violence nor Exorcism Diaries are comedies. The latter finds a reporter researching a famed exorcism, only to find herself being pursued by the spirit she is chasing, while Random Acts is the "blood-soaked" story of two comic creators whose horror-inspired character finds its way off the page.

We'll keep you posted as more develops about these projects.

[Via Film School Rejects]

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