Two U.K.-based engineers, Andrew Ayres and Tom Sisterson, are working to bring a toy helicopter to maker that can be controlled by an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. 

Called the iRemoco, the toy helicopter looks like a regular toy 'copter, except it's been built with a lightweight metal chassis for extra strength, and rotors and landing skids made out of an extra-flexible plastic so you don't break 'em when you inevitably crash. There's also a motor protection system that shuts the engine off in the event of an accident. 

The iRemoco is controlled by an iOS app that is currently available in the Apple App Store. The app will allow you to steer using two virtual joysticks and control hover and motion using the iPhone's built-in accelerometer. 

Ayers and Sisterson are currently raising funds to build the iRemeco through Kickstarter (they're currently about $16,000 off target). The two founders say once they get the helicopter out, they plan to build more remote-controlled toys that can be controlled using the iRemeco app. 

[via Wired Gadget Lab]