Last year, Nielsen released a survey showing that, on average, men preferred Google's Android mobile platform, while women were more likely to purchase an iPhone. Supposedly, HTC would like to change that. 

This Is My Next is reporting that, according to source, HTC is working on an Android phone made for women. The source says the company is currently holding focus groups, trying to find out exactly what a woman would look for in a phone. Codenamed Bliss, the phone is said to be on schedule to hit Verizon stores by the end of the year. So, what goes into making a phone for the fairer sex? 

All This Is My Next knows so far is: 

  • The phone will be "somewhere between a forest and sea green…the color was selected for its “calming” effect". 
  • It'll look like a mix between the Desire S and Derise Z HTC models
  • The wallpaper will be "calming", and it will feature shopping comparison and calorie counting apps.
  • It will come with a "charm indicator" that will be connected to the phone and light up when the user has a call or message. According to This Is My Next, it will connect to the phone via cord which will make it easier for women to fish the phone out of their pocketbooks. 

We agree with the TIMN team—we find all of this very hard to believe. We haven't held any focus groups or anything, but we don't think women buy phones because of light-up charms, preloaded health and beauty apps, or wallpapers that are soothing to the eye. We think women buy phones like men buy phones: based on what they can afford, what's cool, and what's the easiet for them to use. But what do we know? 

[via This Is My Next]

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