The Kinect has sold over 10 million units and despite being a huge success, the question being asked is:  Where are all the games?  Microsoft has stated that by the end of 2011 the library of Kinect games available will triple—with many announcements expected at E3 in June.  While not official, rumor has it that a game based on the Cartoon Network show, Hole In The Wall, is in the works for the motion-sensing device.  The premise of the show (and the game) is simple:  A moving wall with a cut out approaches and players try to position themselves in awkward poses to fit through it.  The show is hilarious because people fail more often than succeed and the payoff is watching the wall smash into them.  Obviously, the Kinect game won’t have the smashing part, unless there’s some new kind of haptic feedback peripheral included that knocks people on their ass when they fail.  Now THAT would be a must-have game.  [via Game Set Watch]


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