Nooka has a problem. The New York-based design house makes many things—t-shirts, belts, wallets, and even fragrances—but to the average person, the company is synonymous with quirky timepieces. So much so, in fact, founder Matthew Waldman says people have been practically begging for wall-mountable versions of their wristwatch designs. To appease the fans, Nooka has decided to attempt a limited-edition run of wall clocks

And herein lies the problem: developing the molds and sourcing the components for these clocks is extremely costly for a self-funded independent design house. How costly? It needs around $40,000 to start production. To help raise the dough for the project, Nooka is asking its fans to help out by donating anywhere from $5 to $10,000 via international funding platform, CKIE. Kick in at least $25 and your name will be listed as part of the development team.

If you want to help out, head over to Nooka's CKIE page. 

[CKIE via Ubergizmo]