With regards to Hayden Christensen's lawsuit against the USA Network, the force was decidedly not strong; a judge ruled against the man formerly known as Anakin Skywalker, meaning a great disturbance in the Force is surely upon us.

Ahem. Christensen and his brother Tove alleged in their lawsuit that USA got the idea for its hit series Royal Pains from them. Apparently, the pair went to USA in 2005 and discussed a show about a doctor who performs housecalls for rich clientele; the executive they met with allegedly called it a "fascinating idea," but then nothing came from the meeting. Until, of course, Royal Pains debuted in 2009.

It looks like there was not enough of a connection though to uphold the claim. The judge said the Christensen brothers claim of breach of contract did not hold up because "ideas" are not copyrightable.

[via NYP]