Tupac back? No, not at all. Over the weekend, a hacker group that goes by the name "LulzSec" broke in to PBS' website and posted a fake news story which reported that Tupac Shakur was alive and chilling in New Zealand

The phony news report was posted to the site of the Arlington, Va.-based PBS NewsHour news show. The story was first noticed by David Fanning, executive producer of Frontline a week after his program ran a "WikiSecrets" news doc about the leaking of diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks. 

The LulzSec hacker group took responsibility for the break-in, saying the attack was done in response to the "WikiSecrets" piece of which it was "less than impressed." In addition to defacing one of its websites, the group also posted login details for two other PBS websites. 

The story was taken down on Monday morning.

[via TimesReporter]


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