You’ll wish it was an “eye for an eye.”

When to look away: 1:28:45 into the movie

Really, we should’ve seen this last bit coming. Note: The double entendres in that sentence will sink in once you’ve seen A Serbian Film, assuming you’re reacting to our guide as if it’s a glowing piece of positive advertisement. In which case, we done fucked up.

The proverbial feces hit the fan at this point in the movie, with a birthday-suited Milos killing everyone who’s wronged him throughout the narrative. One nameless bodyguard type, however, gets the most over-the-top of sendoffs: After unleashing a shower of clenched fists onto the man’s head, Milos rams his little friend into dude’s eye socket. The guy’s flaccid (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves) body hits the floor quicker than the viewer’s jaw.

And there you have it, friends—A Serbian Film. Good, clean family fun…if you’re last name is either Dahmer or Gacy. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have yet another appointment with our shrink.