Not the kind of S&M Rihanna talked about.

When to look away: 1:11:00 into the movie

Part of Milos’ recollection process incorporates camcorder-shot footage that fills in some blanks. We see his good female friend, who’s also a porn star, tied up with her arms dangling from chains that are hooked onto the ceiling.

Oh, and she’s naked, of course. Some fat dude then shows up wearing a Rey Mysterio-like mask and inserts his A-YO! Into her mouth, which is missing teeth thanks to a nearby pair of pliers. As the perverted luchador gets his knob INSERT ACTION VERB HERE, he pins Milos’ lady pal’s nostrils shut with his fingers. You can figure the rest out for yourselves; we’re still too busy rubbing our eyes with disinfectant.