Two more words: slasher porn.

When to look away: 1:03:00 into the movie

We’re not going to say that what follows “newborn porn” will make you wish that a baby was on screen, but don’t be surprised if the remainder of A Serbian Film does just that.

The movie’s final act is largely comprised of a feverish flashback, with Milos gradually piecing together a night full of drug use and horrific moviemaking. His first recollection involves a woman tied to a dirty bed on her stomach, which prompts Vukmir and his crew to order Milos around, via a concealed earpiece, while he’s riding the pony, so to speak. First, Vukmir commands him to pound on her back, and then Milos is given a ridiculously large machete, and then he’s ordered to lop off her…let us stop. Just think of Jason Voorhees starring in a Ron Jeremy-directed film.