Two words: newborn porn.

When to look away: 55:00 into the movie

Up until this point, Milos gets more head than a baseball cap, and A Serbian Film isn’t particularly loathsome, save for a scene in which Milos is forced to punch a woman in the face while she’s performing BLANK on him. On second thought, it’s already pretty reprehensible by the 55-minute mark. But that’s when A Serbian Film goes from graphically adult to downright hell-on-film.

In order to convince Milos that his crazy little porno is “not pornography, but life itself,” just one of the flick’s many laughably ostentatious lines of dialogue, his employer Vukmir offers a private screening of one his prized works. In it, a large guy dressed in medical scrubs delivers a baby, which we see in all of its painful and vivid gruesomeness. Then, as the newborn cries uncontrollably and the mother looks on with a devilish grin, the doctor has sex with just-born child.

Milos is, understandably, repulsed; Vukmir, meanwhile, declares, “It’s a new genre! Newborn porn!” And us? We’re wishing that this was Baby Genuises, or Look Who’s Talking.