Brotherly love, gone way too far.

When to look away: 37:10 into the movie

OK, so Milos’ brother has a thing for his wife. How do we find this out? By watching his bro, Marko, whack off in Milos’ bathroom after watching the wife eating an apple. Yet, that’s a romantic gesture compared to the next time we see Marko.

While some no-name prostitute goes down on Marko, he watches home video footage from one of Milos’ son’s birthday parties. The little dude blows out his birthday cake’s candles as the chick blows…you get the point. Maybe Spasojevic’s intention is to draw some kind of visual parallel between Marko’s deeply rooted obsession with his brother’s family, or perhaps the writer-director is just one perverted bastard who can’t pass up an opportunity for X-rated fellatio. We’re going with the latter suggestion.

So far, A Serbian Film sounds no worse than one of those pretentious adult films that tries to tell an actual story, right? Guess again, because it’s about to get hairy (no Brazilian)…