As soon as President Obama confirmed that U.S. forces found and killed Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan, Google Maps users took to the service and found what they believe to be the place where the al-Qaeda leader was hiding out. Then, as is the Internet commenter's wont, they commenced with the clowning. 

Though the location found on Google Maps hasn't been confirmed as the place where Osama was located, users began writing reviews for the compound, saying things like, "Cold and drafty at night, walls full of holes." Or, "Free HBO, but 'death to America!' chants were getting old. Better options nearby." And, "I heard this place is now available (prior residents left suddenly and unexpectedly)."

According to PC Mag, a user went so far as to create a fake Bin Laden account and began reviewing other locations in Abbottabad, Pakistan like restaurants and the local police station ("friendly staff."). 

Too soon? 

[via PC Mag

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