Google's first television commercial, "Parisian Love", ran during the 2010 Super Bowl. The ad spot, which featured an unseen American guy using the search engine to aid in his courting of a French PYT, attempted to push the idea that Google was good for more than settling bar bets or being a conduit between a user and a celebrity's Wikipedia page. The company's new commercials aim to do the same, only this time the focus is on its Chrome Browser. 

Made in conjunction with ad agency Bartle Bogle Hearty, the two new ad spots are part of a series called "The Web Is What You Make It". Both commercials work to sell the idea that if you use Google's Chrome browser, your web experience will be all the better. 

One ad, "Dear Sophie" (seen above), shows a father creating a digital scrapbook for his daughter by creating her a Gmail e-mail address and periodically sending her e-mail notes with photos and videos as she gets older. 

The other, "It Gets Better" (below), has a group of people using Chrome's toolbar and YouTube extension to record uplifting support videos for the It Gets Better Project which helps gay teens deal with the stress and agony of being bullied. 

Both spots teeter on emotive and, according to Google, are based on true stories. Like past Google ads—and the new Apple iPad 2 commercials—they do little more than try to show people what they can presumably do with the advertised tools and products. 

Google says more commercials are on the way. In the meantime, we're going to wait for all the spoof videos to roll in. 

[via NYTimes